Living Room Design Ideas

Home decoration is the modern trend among house owners. They like to decorate their house to add something new to it. It is also about making your interior look elegant and stylish. The good thing is, home decoration can be done in budget and minimum time if you know the techniques. When it comes to design and decoration, living room is the first space to consider. You want your living room to look good. It is the place that defines the style of your house.

It should be your first priority if you are thinking about a home decoration. Here are some helpful living room design ideas for you:

Go For Red

You should never be afraid to do a little experiment while decorating the living. Great designs are made with initial mistakes, so don’t be afraid to make some. The most important decisions of an interior decoration is the color. The color should be lively and vibrant and nothing is better than a fiery red. It is the modern trend to give to your living room a fresh look. Red means bold, it is the mean of expressing your thoughts and ideas. You can add some white colors to get a great combination. Red and white always looks good in a living room.

Make Patterns

There are so many ways of creating pattern design in your living room. The idea of mixing things up with pattern always brings great result. You may have already noticed many living rooms with pattern design. First you have to pick a theme color if you are going for the pattern idea. Green, white, red or combination of those will bring an elegant look in your living room. Make for some solid color while choosing the furniture color. Playing with pattern will add a sense of freshness in your living room.


Lighting is an important part of your living room design. Great designs can be ruined due to some bad and lack of lighting. If you are getting natural light into the room, you are very lucky. However many house owners don’t have the luxury of natural sunlight. It is very important that you keep the living room as airy as possible. Allow some lights to enter in the room and keep the windows open for the air to pass. Furniture plays an important role in the room lighting.

Keep Up with the Trend

You have to keep yourself updated with the new designs and ideas. Of course some house owners like to keep it traditional and classy. However, modern trends are also very stylish and perfect to give your living room a great look. Don’t keep the design same as always. Try to add something new every chance you get. Adding new items means you are updating your designs. Adding few newer accessories will bring a new look with minimum effort. Attentional to details is the most important thing when it comes to design ideas. Keeping yourself updated is certainly the right thing to do.

Decoration with Collection Tips


Collection is a hobby and it is a great one. We see many treasures throughout our life and some of those instantly holds a grip in our mind. After that, we want to get that at all cost. Collecting things is a continuous process as each day can be a new discovery. With so many things at your disposal, you will be worried about how to arrange all those collections. The good news is; you can decorate your living space with your stack of collections. It is the modern trend and many people following this. Here are tips to decorate your house with your collection items:

Keep a Balance

It is possible that you have collected a huge number of items in your lifetime, so it gets difficult to arrange all those little things in a space. It is better to maintain a balance of the decoration with your collectives. Your collections should catch the eyes of the visitor. They must ask questions about your beautiful collections. So to make that happen, you should focus your collections in a unique way. Keep a balance of the collections with your existing furniture. Make those collections a stand out for your interior décor.

Be Selective

Of course you love every little thing of your collections. You have collected those things after many struggles and you want to show those to your family and friends. However, if the collection is too large to display, you should be selective about those. Not every items have to be on the living room, it will create a chaos in your interior décor. So you must decide which items will be on display and which item will not. It is not an easy decision and sometime it is even critical. However, the end result will be a good one with selective collection items.

Visualize in your Mind

You must visualize how you want to display your collection. It is very important as the most of your collections may not be an interior decoration item. So it is very difficult to get an idea about how to arrange those items. The best thing to do is to think about it. How you want the room to look with all your collection items. Make a list of items which will be displayed and see if those look good with your interior décor. You must bring your thoughts into reality to get the perfect result.

Think About Collections Items

The interior décor of your room is not all about yourself. Of course your taste and style should be reflected thorough the decoration, but it is also about how visitors see it.  You may have an emotional connection to each of your collection items. However, the visitors won’t feel the same way. You should keep those things which are very close to your and represent a lot about yourself. Collections which are emotionally connected to you are the best items to put on display.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips to Keep It Dry


Keeping your bathroom clean from mud is a difficult task, it gets even more difficult when the bathroom is wet all the time. Keeping your bathroom dry is the first thing you have to ensure to keep it clean. Sometimes, keeping your bathroom dry with existing model can be difficult or impossible. So a bathroom remodeling may be required. The main reason behind a wet bathroom is the moisture. When the moisture stays too long without been taken care of, it may cause damage to the structure of the bathroom. So here are few tips for bathroom remodeling to keep it dry.

Avoid Pipes

Supply pipes along with bathroom wall is the main reason of moisture in the bathroom. You have to avoid those supply pipes which carry water. These pipes dampen the exterior wall of your bathroom causing excessive moisture. Do not mount shower on the wall, the shower pipe will go along the wall causing moisture. You have to avoid any kind of pipe installation alongside bathroom. It is the best way to get rid of bathroom moisture. Higher temperature often causes moisture in bathroom when a water pipe is nearby.

Get Rid of Moisture

Moisture is the primary reason behind a damp and wet bathroom. So you have to get rid of it before going for any kind of bathroom remodeling. There are few ways of removing moisture from your bathroom. The first solution is the ventilation process. Your bathroom must have a proper ventilation system to get rid of the moisture. Modern bathroom has expensive fixtures like steam bath tub which produces a lot of steam causing excessive moisture. Fancy fixtures like this will require a proper ventilation system. You can install a fan which will move the moisture and steam out of the bathroom.

Repair Leaky Floors

If the shower flow has any kind of leak, it will cause moisture. You have to inspect thoroughly to find out any kind of leak like this. Leaks on shower floor causes moisture in the bathroom resulting a damp condition. The main reason behind a leaky floor is the misplaced tiles. Your tiles have to be well arranged to avoid this kind of leaks. Make sure no water is seeping through the shower floor. You have to ensure these things to keep your bathroom dry and hygienic. A damp bathroom floor is never an ideal one.

Adding Barrier Wall

Placing a barrier wall is another way of getting rid of moisture. You will have to add a dryer wall on the bathroom exterior to keep the moisture out. The placement of the barrier will depend on the geographic position of your home. When the weather is hot, you will have to place the barrier on the inner side. During the cold season, it has to be opposite.

So above are some useful tips for you to keep your bathroom dry with some remodeling. You can try these remodeling tips to keep your bathroom dry.


Clever Bathroom Cleaning Tips


Bathroom cleaning is probably the most difficult household chores. It is very difficult to clean the bathroom on a regular basis. Especially when too many people are using the same bathroom. However, there are some clever tips you can follow to keep your bathroom clean. There are many types of cleaning you can achieve with proper process. If you want keep your bathroom clean like a 5-star hotel, you will have to clean it like a pro. So here are some tips from the professionals to keep your bathroom clean like a 5-star hotel standard.

Dust & Use Vacuum

You will find plenty of dust and hair in the bathroom when cleaning it. So have to get rid of all those dusts to clean the bathroom properly. Cleaning the dust can be very difficult and it is a time consuming process. So you can use a vacuum to clean the dusts of the bathroom. Vacuum cleaners are the most effective to get rid of the little hairs and dusts. Make sure there is nothing left in the bathroom. A vacuum cleaner will make sure that there is no dust left.

Raise Temperature

So do you want to know how the bathrooms are so clean in hotels. The secret is the heat; you have to raise the temperature to clean the bathroom effectively. When the bathroom surface is heated to a certain temperature, it is easier to clean. You will get the desired result when you raise the temperature of the bathroom when cleaning it. Just increase the temperature about 10 degrees before cleaning it. When the tiles of the bathroom are heated the dirt’s will come off easily. So before cleaning the bathroom floor make sure the floor is heated to a certain temperature.

Use Spray

Using spray is also an effective way of cleaning the bathroom. For that you have to drain all water from the bathroom. You can use an antibacterial spray to get rid of all the germs. Use the spray on the tiles, on the wall, bathtub and also on the counter top. When using spray there is always a chance of overlapping which takes more time. So to avoid overlapping you can start from the top and then make your way down to the floor. Also make sure that you give it some time before starting cleaning after spray. Let it sit before cleaning the bathroom.

Dry It

After the cleaning is finished make sure you are drying off the bathroom. You can use a towel to dry off the surface. Or you can also use cotton cloths to dry off the bathroom floor. It is very important to dry off the bathroom after cleaning it. Make sure the bathroom floor is dried totally. Multiple cloths may also be needed to dry off the bathroom completely. Don’t ever use the same towel which was used to clean the bathroom. It will make your bathroom dirty again. So use fresh towels to get the desired result.

Creating Your Own Man Cave? Don’t Forget the Floor!

Have a cozy man cave made

A man cave has always been considered as the special corner of the house and is allotted for the man to carry out his pursuits including spending some time with his friends. Generally a man cave is loaded with the things you appreciate such as leisure activities, game watching, or pool table, foot ball, other game stuff, well stocked bar and a mini home theatre. There are a ton of things to do before you start making a man cave. The ideal place to make a man cave is an attic, the shed, the basement or the garage. Any unused place that has sufficient elbow room can be converted to a man cave.

Make it soundproof and add bright shades

If you got the corners of the house and have to work on it then you need to plan accordingly. You can make it cozier with sound proof by introducing fiberglass or other protection materials between the divider studs. However if you have been consigned to the smallest and dull looking room in the house, then brilliant hues will give a feeling of all the more light coming in, and will look more spacious. Further to that, dark shades are perfect for casual bar like ambience or for a mini home theater setups.


Add curtains and additional lighting

If you want to watch a movie in the man cave, then install low voltage lights as it will create the perfect ambience to enjoy a movie along with your buddies. If that room has windows, then have fancy curtains which make the man cave more cozier. Hence you can have a drink or watch movies, even at two in the afternoon. In addition to that, purchase comfortable recliners, beanbags or a couch that goes well with the man cave.


For great floor, use epoxy flooring

If you want to protect your concrete floors, then opt for epoxy flooring. When making a man cave, the floors will be stained due to oils or fluids and it will damage further due to the corrosive effects. When you coat your concrete floor with epoxy it forms a protective layer on top, hence fluids or oil will not penetrate into the floor. In addition to that, it forms a much harder and durable film when compare to other paints and it beautifies your floor.


Add a big TV and other electronic gadgets in the man cave

If you a sports fan, then add a big flat screen TV. if you are not inclined towards watching TV, then install a cheap radio or small projector. Put in a fridge or a bar in your man cave. If you want to class up your experience, then think about setting up a suitable bar with your favorite drinks in place.


Finally, set up gaming supplies that can range from card games to pool table or tennis table anything which make you more relaxed. The man cave is an awesome place to hang out with friends or it is even apt for small family games.


Cleaning advice In Between Your Games


You are in charge with chores around the house again? What have you done to deserve such a fate? Well, there’s really no need to get depressed, you can actually turn this into a fun day. There are a lot of things to do, so stop wasting time pouting. In fact, you can hire a company with a spring package or in order to make this as easy and as enjoyable as possible, here are some useful pieces of advice you might want to take.
Baking soda: Baking soda should be your best friend right now. It’s actually a miracle worker and you should definitely find out what it’s capable of. First of all, you can use it in the kitchen for a number of things. You can clean your cutting board with it, so that you can make it brand new again. You only need to sprinkle some baking soda on your cutting board then rub it with a wet cloth. You can also use it to clean your kitchen sink and your stove. Try to dissolve it in some water then gently apply it on the surface so that you don’t leave any scratches. You can also use baking soda to get out different stains. It is great for tea, juice or even ink stains. You only need to dissolve some baking soda in water then rub the stain until it’s gone. And it will be definitely gone, because baking soda is amazing!
Dishwasher: Don’t be that naïve as to believe that you can only use the dishwasher for dishes. No way! There are loads of things you can use it for. For instance, you can clean anything from the microwave plate, plastic toys, oven trays, grills, the detergent tray from the washing machine and even thermo resistant vases. So whenever there’s some space left in your dishwashing machine, don’t waste it! There are so many things you can clean at once. You just need to put your mind to it in order to be as effective as possible.
Microwave: A great way to make the microwave cleaning easier is to heat up a bowl of water in it first. You can even throw some lemon slices in it so that you can completely freshen up the microwave. Let the bowl heat up until the water begins to boil and even a minute after that. This is incredibly effective because most of the cleaning is already done by all of that steam, so after you take out the bowl you only need to wipe the microwave with a soft piece of cloth. There will be ne scrubbing and no rubbing involved. It will really be as easy as wiping the dirt off. Not to mention the fact that the lemon slices will make everything smell better – not only your microwave, but the whole kitchen.

Community & Economic Outcomes

Lets now talk about the community & economic outcomes.

Football clubs are able to harness the collective energy of the players, coaches, administrators and the volunteers and supporters, not only to deliver sports and social activities, all sorts of varied activities for members, but their respective communities. There are also many clubs out there that are increasingly engaged with communities, delivering a large range of service such as holiday clinics and awareness programs. Football clubs can also be a great medium to promote certain causes. I think this is a noble effort, there are plenty of examples where these clubs support health awareness and education campaigns, support disadvantaged members of society etc.

The reach of a football club is humongous and should never be underestimated. It extends beyond the players, coaches and volunteers. Lots of clubs can reach out to multiple members and generate lots of civic pride for everybody involved

Football clubs are always the hub of the community. There are many focal points for these community efforts, and the events held at these venues can deliver some pretty strong commercial gains. Sponsors also typically support these clubs to deliver benefits for us. The club leaders are usually considered community role models too.

We’ve already highlighted the employment opportunities that arise from these football clubs, but we should also touch on the other economic outcomes, such as the support they provide local businesses like bakeries, cafes, hotels etc. These businesses have thrived as a direct consequence of these events, and there is something to be said about how we love to support our local businesses.

Here at East Haddon, we are very proud of our local club! Come and support us every week and buy our merchandise from our stalls. We’ll be working on a web store very soon too!

The social and health outcomes of community football

We all know what the benefits of your local football club are, but what exactly do they bring to the table? Let’s quickly analyse some of the facts:

Football clubs provide a good environment (and to be fair, every sports club does) where people are more socially connected at every age group compared to the other East Haddon citizens. This is a great outcome where everybody gets together and bond.

Football clubs are way more useful and likely for developing social networks. This is a proven stat – you make more friends playing sport (or being involved in the process) than other community groups, work, or education.

Social support is also great too – they provide a large range of social support than through other social networks.

Develop key skills in public speaking? Check. Problem solving, decision making, conflict resolution and dealing with people from a large diverse background pool? Absolutely.

Football clubs provide these individuals an increased chance of securing employment as well – being connected to so many different people is great for networking.

But how about the health outcomes? Well, being a sporting club, these clubs are a great and important vehicle for delivering health and safety campaign messages for young people. Individuals that are actively involved in a football club have much better self-reported wellbeing at pretty much every age group, compared to the rest of East Haddon as a whole.

This much is pretty self expected, but individuals that are associated with a football club have lots of self-reported physical and mental health benefits you don’t get from other places. This is a fantastic thing – some studies suggest that going to sports training can be better for you than therapy.

Football clubs tend to help those at a greater risk of poor mental health too – i hope nobody is denying this.

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