Clever Bathroom Cleaning Tips


Bathroom cleaning is probably the most difficult household chores. It is very difficult to clean the bathroom on a regular basis. Especially when too many people are using the same bathroom. However, there are some clever tips you can follow to keep your bathroom clean. There are many types of cleaning you can achieve with proper process. If you want keep your bathroom clean like a 5-star hotel, you will have to clean it like a pro. So here are some tips from the professionals to keep your bathroom clean like a 5-star hotel standard.

Dust & Use Vacuum

You will find plenty of dust and hair in the bathroom when cleaning it. So have to get rid of all those dusts to clean the bathroom properly. Cleaning the dust can be very difficult and it is a time consuming process. So you can use a vacuum to clean the dusts of the bathroom. Vacuum cleaners are the most effective to get rid of the little hairs and dusts. Make sure there is nothing left in the bathroom. A vacuum cleaner will make sure that there is no dust left.

Raise Temperature

So do you want to know how the bathrooms are so clean in hotels. The secret is the heat; you have to raise the temperature to clean the bathroom effectively. When the bathroom surface is heated to a certain temperature, it is easier to clean. You will get the desired result when you raise the temperature of the bathroom when cleaning it. Just increase the temperature about 10 degrees before cleaning it. When the tiles of the bathroom are heated the dirt’s will come off easily. So before cleaning the bathroom floor make sure the floor is heated to a certain temperature.

Use Spray

Using spray is also an effective way of cleaning the bathroom. For that you have to drain all water from the bathroom. You can use an antibacterial spray to get rid of all the germs. Use the spray on the tiles, on the wall, bathtub and also on the counter top. When using spray there is always a chance of overlapping which takes more time. So to avoid overlapping you can start from the top and then make your way down to the floor. Also make sure that you give it some time before starting cleaning after spray. Let it sit before cleaning the bathroom.

Dry It

After the cleaning is finished make sure you are drying off the bathroom. You can use a towel to dry off the surface. Or you can also use cotton cloths to dry off the bathroom floor. It is very important to dry off the bathroom after cleaning it. Make sure the bathroom floor is dried totally. Multiple cloths may also be needed to dry off the bathroom completely. Don’t ever use the same towel which was used to clean the bathroom. It will make your bathroom dirty again. So use fresh towels to get the desired result.