Community & Economic Outcomes

Lets now talk about the community & economic outcomes.

Football clubs are able to harness the collective energy of the players, coaches, administrators and the volunteers and supporters, not only to deliver sports and social activities, all sorts of varied activities for members, but their respective communities. There are also many clubs out there that are increasingly engaged with communities, delivering a large range of service such as holiday clinics and awareness programs. Football clubs can also be a great medium to promote certain causes. I think this is a noble effort, there are plenty of examples where these clubs support health awareness and education campaigns, support disadvantaged members of society etc.

The reach of a football club is humongous and should never be underestimated. It extends beyond the players, coaches and volunteers. Lots of clubs can reach out to multiple members and generate lots of civic pride for everybody involved

Football clubs are always the hub of the community. There are many focal points for these community efforts, and the events held at these venues can deliver some pretty strong commercial gains. Sponsors also typically support these clubs to deliver benefits for us. The club leaders are usually considered community role models too.

We’ve already highlighted the employment opportunities that arise from these football clubs, but we should also touch on the other economic outcomes, such as the support they provide local businesses like bakeries, cafes, hotels etc. These businesses have thrived as a direct consequence of these events, and there is something to be said about how we love to support our local businesses.

Here at East Haddon, we are very proud of our local club! Come and support us every week and buy our merchandise from our stalls. We’ll be working on a web store very soon too!