Global Football News – Sepp Blatter

In today’s stunning turn of events surrounding the controversy that is Sepp Blatter, former head of FIFA, Swiss authorities have opened up criminal proceedings against him in a dramatic escalation of the corruption crisis.

Michel Platini was also dragged into the corruption scandal, surrounding payments made on allegations engulfing the organisation. It is alleged that a payment (euphemism for bribery) was made to Platini back in 2011.

After arriving to question Blatter at the headquarters, it is now said that it has opened criminal proceedings against the man. I truly believe that this is a sad day for world football.

This all began back in 2011, where Qatar was controversially given the right to host the 2022 World Cup. To give you a sense of how ridiculous this idea actually is, Qatar reaches a scorching 40 degrees Celsius in the summer. Imagine playing football in that sort of weather!

I’m a huge football fan, yet I have no tolerance whatsoever for that kind of behaviour. I mean, how could you? This is corruption at its finest. The payment in question was not made until February 2011, 3 months after Qatar had won the right.

This corruption scandal goes back a long way – made investigations resulting the many Fifa officials being charged over the years. Terrabytes of data has been seized, suspicious banking transactions have been scrutinized and rightfully so and lots of data has been trawled through.