Bathroom Remodeling Tips to Keep It Dry


Keeping your bathroom clean from mud is a difficult task, it gets even more difficult when the bathroom is wet all the time. Keeping your bathroom dry is the first thing you have to ensure to keep it clean. Sometimes, keeping your bathroom dry with existing model can be difficult or impossible. So a bathroom remodeling may be required. The main reason behind a wet bathroom is the moisture. When the moisture stays too long without been taken care of, it may cause damage to the structure of the bathroom. So here are few tips for bathroom remodeling to keep it dry.

Avoid Pipes

Supply pipes along with bathroom wall is the main reason of moisture in the bathroom. You have to avoid those supply pipes which carry water. These pipes dampen the exterior wall of your bathroom causing excessive moisture. Do not mount shower on the wall, the shower pipe will go along the wall causing moisture. You have to avoid any kind of pipe installation alongside bathroom. It is the best way to get rid of bathroom moisture. Higher temperature often causes moisture in bathroom when a water pipe is nearby.

Get Rid of Moisture

Moisture is the primary reason behind a damp and wet bathroom. So you have to get rid of it before going for any kind of bathroom remodeling. There are few ways of removing moisture from your bathroom. The first solution is the ventilation process. Your bathroom must have a proper ventilation system to get rid of the moisture. Modern bathroom has expensive fixtures like steam bath tub which produces a lot of steam causing excessive moisture. Fancy fixtures like this will require a proper ventilation system. You can install a fan which will move the moisture and steam out of the bathroom.

Repair Leaky Floors

If the shower flow has any kind of leak, it will cause moisture. You have to inspect thoroughly to find out any kind of leak like this. Leaks on shower floor causes moisture in the bathroom resulting a damp condition. The main reason behind a leaky floor is the misplaced tiles. Your tiles have to be well arranged to avoid this kind of leaks. Make sure no water is seeping through the shower floor. You have to ensure these things to keep your bathroom dry and hygienic. A damp bathroom floor is never an ideal one.

Adding Barrier Wall

Placing a barrier wall is another way of getting rid of moisture. You will have to add a dryer wall on the bathroom exterior to keep the moisture out. The placement of the barrier will depend on the geographic position of your home. When the weather is hot, you will have to place the barrier on the inner side. During the cold season, it has to be opposite.

So above are some useful tips for you to keep your bathroom dry with some remodeling. You can try these remodeling tips to keep your bathroom dry.