Creating Your Own Man Cave? Don’t Forget the Floor!

Have a cozy man cave made

A man cave has always been considered as the special corner of the house and is allotted for the man to carry out his pursuits including spending some time with his friends. Generally a man cave is loaded with the things you appreciate such as leisure activities, game watching, or pool table, foot ball, other game stuff, well stocked bar and a mini home theatre. There are a ton of things to do before you start making a man cave. The ideal place to make a man cave is an attic, the shed, the basement or the garage. Any unused place that has sufficient elbow room can be converted to a man cave.

Make it soundproof and add bright shades

If you got the corners of the house and have to work on it then you need to plan accordingly. You can make it cozier with sound proof by introducing fiberglass or other protection materials between the divider studs. However if you have been consigned to the smallest and dull looking room in the house, then brilliant hues will give a feeling of all the more light coming in, and will look more spacious. Further to that, dark shades are perfect for casual bar like ambience or for a mini home theater setups.


Add curtains and additional lighting

If you want to watch a movie in the man cave, then install low voltage lights as it will create the perfect ambience to enjoy a movie along with your buddies. If that room has windows, then have fancy curtains which make the man cave more cozier. Hence you can have a drink or watch movies, even at two in the afternoon. In addition to that, purchase comfortable recliners, beanbags or a couch that goes well with the man cave.


For great floor, use epoxy flooring

If you want to protect your concrete floors, then opt for epoxy flooring. When making a man cave, the floors will be stained due to oils or fluids and it will damage further due to the corrosive effects. When you coat your concrete floor with epoxy it forms a protective layer on top, hence fluids or oil will not penetrate into the floor. In addition to that, it forms a much harder and durable film when compare to other paints and it beautifies your floor.


Add a big TV and other electronic gadgets in the man cave

If you a sports fan, then add a big flat screen TV. if you are not inclined towards watching TV, then install a cheap radio or small projector. Put in a fridge or a bar in your man cave. If you want to class up your experience, then think about setting up a suitable bar with your favorite drinks in place.


Finally, set up gaming supplies that can range from card games to pool table or tennis table anything which make you more relaxed. The man cave is an awesome place to hang out with friends or it is even apt for small family games.